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05.10.2012 (1209 Days Ago)
TitleCASTING: New Hidden Camera Game Show!! Wanna Prank Your Friend? (NYC and surrounding area)
LocationNYC and surrounding area
Job Typeavailable

Pull an outrageous prank on someone on a NEW TV show! This is your chance to set up your friend, GF/BF, sister, cousin, etc, on a new TV prank show that will air on a major network. The person being pranked will also have the opportunity to win money!!! They should have a very outgoing, reactive personality, and a great sense of humor. You will need to keep things secret while setting this up so that they do not find out what's going on. You will work together w/ a Network Producer to set up all of the details and get your friend exactly where they need to be to pull this off in front of the hidden cameras. To be considered the person being pranked MUST be over 18, live in or NEAR NYC & you must supply a photo or short video clip of the person you want to prank. Be sure to include your name, email and phone number with your submission. Contestants will only be considered if they are eligible to work in U.S.

We're also looking for EXTRAS to appear on select episodes. If you're interested in participating as an extra, please send us an email with your name, age, phone number, email address and a recent photo. Please be sure to indicate that you're applying to be an EXTRA.

The series will be filming from the end of May until the end of July so you may get a call at anytime.

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